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Linda working in her “home studio” in the Santa Monica mountains.

Welcome to our Brown Belongings’ August 2020 Quiz.

A place where you can test your knowledge of the facts about Latinos in the United States.

Your results will be emailed to you. This quiz is based upon statistics that inspired artist Linda Vallejo to create The Brown Dot Project, which is part of her Brown Belongings series. Linda asked herself, “What would my brown image look like if I were a minimalist painter?” The result was The Brown Dot Project, a set of “data pictographs” on gridded architectural vellum in which brown dots represent statistics. The works reflect Latino population numbers, professionals in the health, education, and legal sectors, and US gross national product data.

See how your friends and family score! Copy and send them this link: https://bit.ly/lvquiz2

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What percentage of Sex Trafficking Victims are Latino?
What percentage of the US population will be Latino in 2050?
What percentage of Latinos in LA County own homes?
What percentage of US Latinos are Mexican?
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