In the early 2000’s I developed an interest in creating images using repurposed objects. In particular my eye was drawn to art exhibited in Unmonumental: The Object in the 21st Century at the New Museum in New York. The show’s wildly untamed works, including ones that juxtaposed seemingly conflicting cultural imagery, described the present as an age of crumbling beliefs and broken icons.

I was also captivated by Chinese artist Wang Qingsong’s photo montage Romantique (2003), a remake of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus featuring Chinese models, and by the work of late Cuban artist Ana Mendieta, who combined seemingly incongruent media such as film, performance, sculpture, and photography to express a unified cultural and feminist vision.

Seeing these and many other works produced a shift in my creative process. I found myself ruminating, “What would artwork made of repurposed materials look like through my personal cultural lens?” I started collecting offbeat items—newspapers, figurines, postcards, photographs, and reproductions—and storing them in cubbyholes.

The Brown Belongings Paintings are works that are created by repurposing oil painting reproductions produced in China! In this case I appropriated and appropriation!

I would love to hear your thoughts about this new series!