Make ’Em All Mexican

I had realized that visual representations of the “American Dream” did not include me, or my loved ones. I had never seen the golden images of Americana with familiar “brown” faces. Friendly faces, sure—but not familiar ones.

One day, while searching for materials to repurpose in a local antique mall, I spied a set of salt and pepper shakers shaped like two little pilgrims on their way to their Thanksgiving celebration. I said to myself, “I can paint them brown!” Before long, I blurted out, “I just wanna make ’em all Mexican—like me!” I began painting directly on antique photographs, porcelain and plaster figurines, postcards, and magazine pages to create an America that looked “brown” like me.

The Make ‘Em All Mexican handmade books are reminiscent of MesoAmerican / Pre-Colombian “codices,” accordian style books made from amatl / bark paper.