It’s the Real Thing! is my first data-based 3-D data-based sculptural work.

One of the most difficult things for an artist to accomplish is to move an idea to the “next level.” I call this process “morphing,” where an element, conceptual or physical, is added to an image to create a new statement that follows a train of thought or artistic process. “Morphing” an image requires patience, study and research, and experimentation.

It took me four years to find a way to “morph” the Make ‘Em All Mexican works to create The Brown Dot Project and Datos Sagrados data-based pieces. These works were originally two-dimensional “data pictographs” where brown dots on architectural grid vellum or painted brown areas on mandalic forms represented actual statistics about US Latinos and their contribution to American culture, professional sector, and economics, etc.

Now I believe I found an excellent way to turn these 2-dimensional data-based works in 3-D sculpture. These new sculptures will use data from the Latino Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Report “Quantifying the impact of American Hispanic Economic Growth” produced by the Latino Donor Collaboration (2017), as well as other reports on US Hispanic/Latino economic and education growth.

Here’s the morph….

It’s the Real Thing! is made from a vintage glass bottle. In this case the bottle constitutes 100%. It is filled with 75 milk-chocolate colored wooden balls representing 75% and the fact that “Hispanics Will Fill 75% of New US Jobs between 2020 and 2034” (IHS Markit Economic Report 2015).

I would love to hear your thoughts about this new series!